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Music Ministry

The Catholic Tradition values the place of music in liturgy. St Augustine is famously quoted as saying that ‘To Sing is to pray twice’ while the 19th century Jewish poet Berthold Auerbach wrote that ‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’. 

In liturgy, music can play an important role in facilitating an encounter with God in a different way – it is not a performance. It is about appealing to a different sense and allowing the words and sound to touch the soul in a way that complements the words and the gestures of the liturgy. 

In the parish of Holy Spirit and St Anthony's music is seen as complementary to the Liturgical celebrations. Parishioners may notice the link between the readings, prayers and homily and the music – the primary role of music ministry is to provide a further invitation to engage in prayer. Hymns and songs are also expressive of faith. It is not uncommon for hymns to use words from scripture as a basis for melodies and refrains. 

The Music ministry is constant and people who can sing or play an instrument are warmly welcomed. Choir members gather regularly to practice and to learn new hymns. Please do not hesitate to contact the Parish office or music directors: Cathy Jenkins (St Anthony's) or John Samanna (Holy Spirit) if you would like participate in the music ministry of the parish.

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