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Communion to the Sick

“Besides remembering the sick in the general intercessions at Mass, those present should be reminded occasionally of the significance of communion in the lives of those who are ill:  union with Christ.... and union with the community from which they are separated. “The obligation to visit and comfort those who cannot take part in the Eucharistic assembly may be clearly  demonstrated by taking communion to them from the community’s Eucharistic celebration. This symbol of unity between the community and its sick members has the deepest significance on the Lord’s Day, the special day of the Eucharistic assembly” (Pastoral Care of the Sick #73).  

A dedicated team of parishioners visit and take communion to the sick, frail, elderly and housebound on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The Special Minister to the Sick attends Mass first and is nourished and fed at the Table of the Lord in preparation for their ministry in bringing the Word and the Body of Christ to the sick and infirmed. They carry with them the Parish community’s greetings and the Newsletter, keeping them informed and connected to what’s happening in the parish.

This is a most fulfilling ministry and we would highly encourage anyone who has the desire to serve, compassion for the sick and infirm and a spare hour once a week to make themselves available for this most important ministry. “In bringing communion to them the minister of communion represents Christ and manifests faith and charity on behalf of the whole community towards those who cannot be present at the Eucharist” (Pastoral Care of the Sick #73).  

As well as taking Communion to individual parishioners we also take Communion to two nursing homes in St. Anthony’s Parish - Alphington Aged Care Hostel and Grandel Special Accommodation.

If you wish to receive Holy Communion, please contact Pauline Egan at the parish office.

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